Telehealth at Bluebell Physio

This information is designed to help you understand what to expect and how to get the most out of your telehealth appointment. 

The system we have allows you to talk face to face with your physio using a video platform. We usually use Zoom but if you prefer skype or Facetime, please let us know. 

Before your appointment, please look through the following tips to help your session run smoothly. 

You will receive an appointment confirmation via email, SMS or phone, and you will receive an invite with a link to click to join your physio.  

Camera set up 

Don’t worry about being on camera as it is only you and your physio and you will quickly get used to the session and feel less conscious of the camera. You need to make sure that the angle of your camera is set up so that your physio will be able to see you move and perform tests that may be required and also the body part/s that are affected. 

(it is best if you can test this out ahead of time, using your webcam, tablet or smart phone using the front facing camera). 


Please make sure you will have a quiet environment, ideally without interruptions just as you would have if the physio had come to your home for the appointment. Make sure you have sufficient space to move around or perform any exercises that you are taught.  


Please make sure that your environment is safe and that there are no obstacles or hazards in the space you will be moving around in.  

If you have had any episodes of dizziness, loss of balance or a history of falling, please make this know to the physio at the start of the session. 

The physio will also ask you if you are alone or are able to call out for help should you need it. Please make sure you have the contact number of someone you can call on for help should the need arise.  


The appointment and anything you say is confidential, as with any healthcare appointment. Please be aware that if you need to have someone with you to assist you during the session, that you are happy for them to hear what is said. Please let the physio know if there is anything you do not want to discuss due to confidentiality, if you are not alone.  


Check that your microphone works and is switched on. You will probably get the best sound using headphones, so you can try this to see what you prefer. 

Starting your appointment 

Try to join your session a couple of minutes before your appointment time using the details and links you have been sent.  


By joining your telehealth appointment, it is deemed that you have consented to the appointment. Your consent will also be requested verbally by the physio and will be needed prior to commencing the session.  

During the session 

If you cannot see, hear or understand anything, please tell your physio as soon as possible. If you need to go over something again, this is not a problem. 

If you need to stop the session or have a problem, please tell your physio.  

You will be able to switch off your audio and/or video should you need to by clicking the icons on the bottom left of the screen. 

At the start of your appointment you will go through the same questions and discuss your concerns just as you would in a face to face appointment. Nothing is left out just because you are at home. 

During the examination, you will be asked to move and perform activities just as you would do in a clinic appointment. This is so the physio can see where the issues lie, what restrictions or limitations you have and then shape the rest of the assessment to find out what is causing your problems.  

You may be asked to perform special tests so that your physio knows if you have any additional issues with certain structures such as nerves or muscles. There are many things that can be carried out and assessed without actually touching you. Your physio may ask you to press or examine certain areas to feedback about how it feels. 

Your physio will then explain their findings and any treatments you can perform at home such as  using cold or heat treatments and other equipment you may have available.  They will also go over detailed exercises, stretches or movements needed to help your condition. You can practice these with the physio watching so the physio can make sure you are doing them correctly. Then you will be sent your exercises by email so you can practice them in between your appointments. This will be done using a state of the art App which allows you to score your pain and progress and the physio can see how you are getting on with your rehabilitation.  

There will also be chance to ask any questions of course should you need to. 

Follow up 

Another appointment may be booked to re assess your movements, tests and pain levels and change your treatment to suit your symptoms. Your physio will tell you how often you should have appointments depending on your diagnosis or symptoms. 

You will receive information about your App based rehabilitation programme but if you have any issues with this, you can contact the clinic and we will sort out any problems for you. 

More information 

If you have any other queries before your consultation, please feel free to contact us.