Ergonomic Assessments

“A workplace assessment is a specialised on-site assessment of a worker’s duties and/or potential suitable duties. … ensure the workplace is equipped for new workers, people with disabilities or those with specific needs. design an agreeable return to work plan that matches the employees functional capacity.”photo-1448932223592-d1fc686e76ea

The purpose of the assessment is to establish whether workstation practises have the likelihood of causing harm.

During an ergonomic assessment, one of our specially trained therapists will conduct a full and through investigation into the risks that are present from your position at a desk, in a vehicle or elsewhere that may develop without intervention.

Our job is to identify these risks and take steps to minimise them as far as practicably possible, keeping discomfort and pain at bay.

Assessments can be carried out on an individual, or across a team, depending on needs. Please contact us for more information.

Read our Blog Post ‘The Benefits of Physiotherapy‘ for more information.

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