At Bluebell Physiotherapy Centre we have male and female practitioners with many years of experience who cover various areas of expertise. This includes all types of traumatic or sporting injuries, acute and chronic back, neck and joint problems, car accident victims, work related injuries, ergonomics, post-surgery and so on.

Bluebell PhysioWe have a varied client base that includes those with neurological problems such as stroke and head injury patients. We also treat children (not infants). All our clinicians are experienced in treating various grades of whiplash (WAD) on a regular basis.

We have clinicians who have additional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), acupuncture (members of the AACP), pain management (members of the PPA), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pilates, hydrotherapy and many other forms of rehabilitation. We also offer Osteopathy if required.

corporate_04We can also provide return to work programmes, vehicle and ergonomic assessments if required. We have physiotherapists who carry out semi to fully customised orthotic provision.

Hydrotherapy and gym sessions are available on request and are normally negotiated separately to standard treatments. We access a GP (offsite) for injection therapy and can refer clients to psychotherapy and counselling if required. Patient education forms a large part of what we do. Client expectations are discussed and addressed from the outset. During assessment the therapist will formulate appropriate goals of treatment with the client and case manager/other practitioners if appropriate.

At Bluebell Physiotherapy our philosophy is to work closely with our service users in order to achieve the best possible sustainable well-being for the individual as well as being a problem free solution for our Corporate Client. Our hands-on approach to treatment coupled with lifestyle advice and rehabilitation programmes achieves optimal results in the shortest possible time.

Each referred client is thoroughly assessed, an initial report generated and their injury or problem/s explained to them in a jargon-free way. Our physiotherapists ensure that the client has a good understanding of their problem/s, and will discuss appropriate treatment options available. An individually tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan is devised which will aim to restore the client to their pre injury level of function where possible. This information will be updated to the referring company.

Self- management and an active participation in the treatment programme is seen as of paramount importance. Guidelines (Quebec, NICE and CSP) are used in relation to the management of Whiplash Associated Disorders (WADS).

Should additional specialist referral be necessary, we are able to arrange these services promptly and locally at competitive rates if requested. Services such as MRI scanning, X-rays, ultrasound scans, and other medical tests can be arranged as required.

Enquiries & Information

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