Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Bluebell Physiotherapy is able to provide a high quality, bespoke physiotherapy and case management service for Businesses, Insurance Companies, Solicitors and Intermediaries at highly competitive rates.

In addition to a quality treatment and rehabilitation service, we understand that efficiency in the administrative and reporting processes also ensures customer satisfaction and provides the most cost-effective solutions for our corporate clients. Our streamlined processes avoid unnecessary time delays and the increased costs associated with poor service provision.

On receipt of your instruction, our operations staff will arrange the earliest suitable appointment for your client to have an initial consultation with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists. Recommendations regarding a suitable treatment and rehabilitation programme are then made. Once authorised, treatment will be started immediately. Interim progress reports can be generated as required and a discharge report is completed at the end of treatment.

Cases are managed using specialist database software which allows us to generate specific reports and send individual appointment reminders and information to clients. Our staff are always available to deal with any queries you or your client may have.

Enquiries & Information

Please contact our Corporate Office using the details below for further information or to submit an enquiry.



0333 567 0571


If you are referring for the first time, we need to gather some initial details. Once terms have been agreed, we can begin accepting referrals straight away.

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