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Why you Need Physiotherapy – #BLUEBELLPHYSIO

clinical-massageThe Benefits of Physiotherapy

Although physiotherapy is typically used to treat athletes and those who have suffered injury from an accident, it can actually provide relief to some of the most common aches and injuries. Physical therapy has proven to be an effective form of treatment for muscle pain, joint injuries, arthritis, mobility issues and even respiratory problems, like cystic fibrosis.

Effective Pain Relief
Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts develop pain in well worn joints and muscles as they age, and these problem areas can cause recurring injuries and difficulties. However, many people who don’t participate in sports or strenuous exercise can just as easily develop these aches and pains. For example, back pain is one of the most common injuries that people suffer from at some point in their life, and it affects about 80 per cent of the UK population. Physiotherapists will recommend stretches and exercises that target problem areas and offer relief, as well as administer massaging techniques that can help relieve pain and minimise the risk of further injury.

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