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Goals with Bluebell Physio – #BLUEBELLPHYSIO

What is your goal?788759407-goal_2Bsetting_2Bexercise

After all the fuss of the festivities, it is soon time to return to the normal world and of course, very importantly to set some goals for the year ahead.  Whatever your aspirations are for this year, whether it is to eat healthier, get fitter or simply to self improve, it is important to have an end goal – or a motivator to help you to accomplish what you have in mind.

Our goal is your goal – a shared passion

In the world of physiotherapy, our yearly goal is a simple one – to spread the message about good health and ways to live a healthier, active lifestyle and most of all to be pain free.  So what is there to look forward to in 2014 for those in pain?  Same old same old you might be thinking, what’s to celebrate?

Actually there is a lot to celebrate, for physiotherapists dedicate their lives to ensuring people like you live in pain free live, and on those occasions when your body may need a little helping hand, then you know who to call upon.

If your goal is to stay pain free this year read on

One of my goals this year is to spread the message about living a pain free life.  You see, I see many people on an almost daily basis who have delayed becoming pain free.  Why?  Because they are either hoping their problem goes away or are embarrassed about their problem.  The fact of the matter is though,  pain through injury or a condition happens at some point to most of us in our lifetime, and physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in helping to aid recovery in a natural way, free of nasty chemicals and side effects from drugs.

This year physiotherapy will be playing a part in many key events and locations this year.  Whether you’ll be needing assistance with a sports injury or even if you’re a physiotherapist yourself, you will find physiotherapy helping many people along their journey towards their goals during 2014.

Read on for the highlights

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

A key UK event, physiotherapists will be assessing and treating athletes and games officials who have either acute or chronic related sports injuries.  All health professionals involved in the games about their task and vision – which is to provide an athlete centred vision.

Physiotherapy Conference 2014

Physiotherapists were encouraged last year to increase creativity and improve the public’s health– meaning to take positive steps to improving the health of the public  – Our goal for 2014 here at Bluebell Physio is to improve the health of people living across Kent by providing friendly advise, being social, providing the best treatments and above anything else being the listening physio – it is what we’re known for!

Physio Pilates – it’s the new black! 

If training leaves you suffering from back pain or you need to improve your core strength, many doctors recommend joining a physio pilates class.  This is a great way to build your strength in a friendly environment, and allowing you to up your personal best!

Need a little encouragement?

Physiotherapy – on a mission to get the nation fitter

The best way to stay in shape and avoid nasty conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis is to keep active.  On checking out the ‘need to know’ news this morning, I discovered a very inspiring article where a senior couple train regularly over the course of a week partaking in activities such as tennis and the gym.  Sounds pretty ordinary maybe but the couple are 92 and 87 years old respectively and on average spend an hour in the gym on a daily basis with 4 hours of tennis every week.

What makes this story extra special is that the the 87 year old is a retired physiotherapist! We don’t just bang on about this keeping fit lark for no reason you know!


Whatever your aim is this year – whether it is a couch to 5k or getting a Duathlon under your belt then you know you’ll be well supported by your physiotherapy friends.  All good things start from somewhere – remember the acorn to the oak philosophy?

The key is to start slowly – so you don’t give up – if you can only run for a minute before gasping for breathe like a fish out of water that is fine, or you a seasoned marathon runner, the key is to always pace yourself.

The body is an amazing thing – you will achieve far more than what you ever thought possible with that humble beginning of making a goal.