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Things you Need to Know

Conditions of Treatment
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Referred by Insurance Claim or Private Healthcare?
If you've been referred via an insurance claim or private healthcare, it is not possible to book online. Please call us 01634 757 123.

Things that are Good to Know

Where do I find my reference number?
If you have a recent email from us you will find your reference number on there. If you can’t find it, just send us an email to and we will send you the information that you need.
What do the letters mean after therapists' names?
You may notice that after the therapists names, there are some letters such as 'PYS' or 'MSG'.

These are used to indicate whether the practitioner is a physiotherapist (PYS) or massage therapist (MSG).

Massages can be booked with any practitioner, but pricing varies between them.
How do I pay?
We can accept card payments online or over the phone. You will be sent details about payment once you have booked an appointment.
I can't find my normal physio / location / time
Online booking only shows a selection of appointments that we have available. For additional options and full availability, please contact us.
How far ahead can I book?
Appointments can be booked up to 14 days in the future. If you would like to book an appointment beyond 14 days, please contact us.
Can I book more than one appointment?
Yes. The online booking system only allows one appointment to be booked at a time, but you can go through the booking page to make another if you with.

Don't forget, if you book your first appointment as a new patient and with to book another, you will then need to book as a returning patient!
Can I book a longer / shorter appointment?
We also offer 20 minute and 45 minute physiotherapy appointments. These sessions are better suited to either advice sessions or more complicated cases. Please call us to enquire about booking one of these sessions.
How do I cancel an appointment?
At the moment it is not possible to cancel an appointment online.

Please call us to cancel your appointment, giving 24 hours’ notice where possible otherwise you may be liable to a charge.
I've been given a discount, how do I book?
If you have a discount, book online like normal, but please make sure to add details of the discount in the comments box at the end.

If details aren't added here, we won't be able to add the discount onto your appointment. If in doubt, please give us a call.
Is there an age limit?
For online bookings, the person that the appointment is being booked for must be over the age of 16. For treatment of someone under this age, please call us so we can ensure first that physiotherapy is suitable and second that the appointment is booked with the most suitable therapist.